Do we really need all these warnings?

I was looking to buy a chainsaw to take down a dead tree in my backyard.  As I am Mr. Green energy with my electric vehicle I thought that an electric chainsaw would make the most sense.  No hydrocarbon emissions.  No mixing fuel and oil.  No need to worry about storing gas.

What I didn’t realize was the hazard in owning such a device.  Good thing that Amazon gave me ample warning before I bought  a 40V, brushless motor, 16 inch saw.

“NOT for children under 3 yrs.”

You can click on the picture to zoom in.

I will admit that I’m not a parent, but is a chainsaw something that you would give to a toddler as a toy?  Is a chainsaw okay to give to a kid older than 3 years?

Lawyers, bah humbug!

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