No Coverage of the Pantsuit

The pantsuit wearing harpy, Hillybob is giving her big speech at the NYDNC meeting as I’m typing this. Some speculate that this is her first appearance, other than stumbling around drunk in the woods, as she (zir, zym, xyxzz, or whatever her pronoun is) readies her 2024 presidential run.

There is something interesting about her media supporters. Fox News had a couple of minutes of coverage as she started her ‘fiery’ speech about Republicans ending democracy. I flipped over to CNN and they were running a commercial. Changed to MSNBC and they were also running a commercial. After the commercial ended on CNN the coverage went to the tension in Ukraine. MSNBC did not cover Hillybob’s speech either after their commercial break ended.

Is this a SIGN that the powers that be do not want The Pantsuit as their great white hope in 2024?


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