Halloween Is OFF!

No Halloween “Trick or Treating” in the state of Kalifornia. According to the Department of Public Health:


Trick-or-treating without necessary modifications promotes congregating and mixing of many households, particularly on crowded doorsteps, which can increase the spread of COVID-19. That type of mixing is not currently permitted in California.

It’s ILLEGAL to go trick or treating.

I have a stock of candy ready to give out IF any kids come by my house this Oct. 31. My plan is to wear Nitrile gloves and put the candy into the kids’ bags, without touching anything. Normally I let the little kids pick their own candies out of the bowl, but I don’t want to be called a “White supremacist super spreader“, even if I am a “Yellow slant eye“.  Every year in the past I have had at least 100 kids come to my door.  Most of them are Hispanic kids.  Their parents bring them to my “nice” neighborhood where it’s safe on the streets.  I think that is a wonderful thing.

The government is taking all the fun away from CHILDREN in this state.

Fuck ’em, I’m handing out candy.

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