An Observation

I listened to many, both conservative and leftist commentators, expressing that President Trump asking for a drug test to determine if Joe Biden is using “performance enhancing drugs”, made no sense.

To me it makes perfect sense. The question of drugs puts the Biden campaign on the defensive. They need to say it’s ridiculous. Instead of campaigning they need to talk with the press about this.  Second it makes Biden think about how to counter this line of attach during tonight’s debate, even though it will most likely never come up.  The subject wastes Biden’s time while President Trump is spending little energy on this topic because it’s just an attack talking point and most likely he doesn’t care about it.  The request for a drug test is just to rattle Biden’s cage (or basement).

No matter how Biden responds it makes him look weak.  “Will you take a drug test?” NO! “What are you hiding?”

“Will you take a drug test?” YES.  You’ve then committed to something ridiculous that the puppet master commanded you to do. Weak. Now you’ll also have to spend time negotiating the conditions of the test.  All for something the President doesn’t care about.

The only “performance enhancing drugs” that Biden may be taking are boner pills for when he parades around naked in front of the female Secret Service agents.  “C’mon man!”.

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