President Guilty of Breaking Law From 1666

I tried watching some of the House Judiciary CHARADE but it’s almost exciting as watching paint peel off of a wall. It reminds me of a lousy student debate team with each side trying to score points. The exception is that there is only one side. The Remove The Bad Orange Man side.

One of the “experts” on impeachment, Pammie Karlan of Stanford Law School, expounded that the framers of the Constitution based their vision of impeachment on case law from 1600’s England. Precedent from over 100 years before the founding of the United States. Wow.  I’m glad Pammie has the glowing crystal ball that lets her channel into the mind of long dead white guys.

The case she cited was the impeachment of John Mordaunt in the year 1666. That begs the question of who the “F” is John Mordaunt?

Okay, here’s some history.

Statue of Lord Mordaunt, All Saints Church, Fulham

John Mordaunt was titled 1st Viscount Mordaunt. Viscount Mordaunt (born 1626, died 1675) lived during the English Civil War (1642-1651) and was a “Royalist” aka “Cavaliers” as he supported King Charles II for the governance of England. The enemy of the Royalists were the “Parliamentarians” aka “Roundheads” who wanted Parliament to govern England. FYI the Parliamentarians won the civil war and exiled the King. The good Viscount Mordaunt led several unsuccessful uprisings against Parliament and fled multiple times to France to avoid capture and prosecution.

What does an English lord from the mid 1600’s have to do with the impeachment of President Trump? Good question for those still hanging in there reading all of this, we’re almost there.

The Viscount Mordaunt was appointed by the King as Constable of Windsor Castle. Probably equivalent to the position head of the FBI here in the US. Finally, here’s where the impeachment comes in as channeled by Prof Pammie for justification to impeach President Trump.

According to Prof Pammie, Viscount Mordaunt was impeached by the House of Commons for imprisoning William Taylor, Surveyor of Windsor Castle, for the high crime as Pammie says, “abuse of his power for personal gain“. The high crime wasn’t a statutory crime as Prof Pammie points out, just like The Orange Man and Ukraine. There you go. Perfect reason for impeaching the Evil Orange Man.

Case closed. Slam dunk.  Checkmate.  “Peach 45”!

Once again, BACK THE F’ING TRUCK UP a few yards there Prof Pammie and all the Dimbulbcrats.

Viscount Mordaunt was NOT ONLY charged for the “high crime” of using his office for personal gain, but also for RAPING William Taylor’s DAUGHTER. And that is a CRIME.

You need to LEAVE OUT A FEW PESKY DETAILS such as RAPE, if you’re a progressive trying to overturn an ELECTION.

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