Same Old WRONG Information

Sadly a lunatic killed 7 peopl in a senseless murder spree in Texas, yesterday.

Once again the MORONIC “journalists” such as Joyless Reid and all the Dimbulbcrat presidential candidates are all screaming, “We need to pass more gun controls laws!“. They keep spreading the same tired old arguments that because the United States allows CITIZENS to possess firearms that everyone is afraid to venture out onto the streets.

As I’ve pointed out before, allowing CITIZENS to possess firearms, as allowed by the Second Amendment, does not make the United States unsafe. So let’s look at the latest numbers compiled by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, UNODC.

Our neighbors just South of the border in Mexico have a HOMICIDE rate of 24.8 people intentionally murdered per 100,000. There is NO PRIVATE FIREARMS OWNERSHIP in Mexico.

Let’s look a little further South to Venezuela, the shining stat of SOCIALISM as pointed out by Bernie Sanders and many HOLLYWEIRD ELITES such as Naomi Klein, Sean Penn, and Danny Glover. The HOMICIDE rate is 45.1 people intentionally murdered per 100,000.  There is NO PRIVATE FIREARMS OWNERSHIP in Venezuela.

Obviously using Libtard logic the United States with the plethora of firearms in the hands of average Joe Sixpack SHOULD have a sky high HOMICIDE RATE, right?

Here’s the frightening number: 5.3 murdered per 100,000

Oh my goodness! Take cover!  Obviously a country without firearms is much safer even if the data doesn’t show that.  As Joe Biden says, “We choose TRUTH over FACTS“.

The Libtards would say that this is an unfair comparison because Mexico and Venezuela are NOT on the same developed country status as the US. I guess they are saying that because they are full of stupid brown people who run wild in the streets, it’s not a fair comparison. Hmmm, does that seem maybe a little bit RACIST?

You can look up the UNODC numbers for yourself at,

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