Wait, Are You For Or Against Climate Change?

I keep hearing from the dimbulb presidential candidates that “Global climate warming change” or whatever they want to call it is the biggest threat to our future.  Of course they also say the threat of four more years of President Trump is also the greatest threat to our country.

Additionally they spout off that we are nearly at war with Iran because President Trump pulled out of the Iran deal that guaranteed that the Iranians will be allowed to and will build an atomic bomb withing 10 years.

Part of the Iran deal is to remove economic sanctions and allow Iran to sell unfettered, oil across the world to fund their “peaceful” research into atomic bomb making.

Someone once again needs to ‘splain things to me.

If you are against global warming and desire to rid the world of fossil fuel consumption, why are you encouraging Iran to export oil to the world?

Wouldn’t it be a GREAT opportunity to rid the world of one major source of the substance that CAUSES GLOBAL WARMING?

I guess Iran must have the super secret source of non-global warming crude oil according to dimbulb science.

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