And I thought My Obummercare was Shitty

Former Senator Harry Reid sued the maker of Therabands which he blamed for injuries to his eye.  The lawsuit was for “unspecified damages”, which you can infer, because he had a team of lawyers, was for MILLION$ OF DOLLAR$.  Cha-ching!

Oops.  Today the verdict came in and he lost the lawsuit.

Reid claimed to have incurred more than $238,000 in medical costs because of his injuries, lawyer Colin Esgro, another of Reid’s attorneys, told the newspaper“.

Back the F’ing truck up!

Senators DON’T pay for their medical coverage.  Senators don’t have to buy Obummercare complant insurance. They voted in their own “Cadillac” FULL COVERAGE plans for themselves when they passed Obummercare. Their medical plans are exempt from the Obummercare regulations. And WE THE TAXPAYERS pay for all of their medical coverage including coverage in retirement.

Someone ‘splain to me how Harry Reid amassed “MORE THAN A  QUARTER MILLION DOLLAR$ of medical cost, when he’s NEVER had to pay a dime?

Frickin’ lying gold digging politician.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh and he was suing on the behalf of the WE the US Taxpayers because we taxpayers have picked up the tab on his medical expenses.  Obviously, he was intending to turn over the settlement to the United States Treasury.

Nah, I’m sticking with F’ing lying gold digging politician.

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