Mentally Unstable

UPDATED with a quote from Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

People are debating raising the age to purchase a long gun to 21 years of age  from the current age limit of 18.

The argument for raising the age requirement to 21 is that there is a belief, based on SCIENCE (something that the left points to quite often as unquestionable) that the brains of young people are not fully developed until they reach their mid-twenties. The argument is that the young brain’s ability for reason and self control has not fully matured at 18.

HERE’S THE UPDATED QUOTE by Sheriff Israel who was the responsible authority in the Florida school shooting,  This comes from the CNN fake news “discussion” where the sheriff was showboating rather than actually investigating the shooting.  The sheriff STATED and I quote, “But, lastly, we do need to have some gun control reform. Eighteen year olds should never have a rifle. An 18 year old kid should not have a rifle. Eighteen year old kid, they’re not adults yet. They’re in high school.

I have not heard any outcry from the LIBERAL LEFT AGAINST this proposed age change. The young Bernie-ites should be screaming AGAINST this. Why?

The argument is that the young person’s brain is not mature enough to determine RIGHT from WRONG and CHOOSING NOT TO COMMIT MURDER. If the young brain CANNOT properly function to make the simple choice NOT TO COMMIT MURDER, why are we allowing that same brain to VOTE and make decisions for OUR COUNTRY? It’s not a far leap to conclude that the voting age should also be raised to 21 as the young person’s cognitive reasoning abilities are not sufficiently developed to allow them to make rational choices for The Republic.

If ANYONE wants to make an argument based on “SCIENCE” they must be willing to apply it consistently to other situations.

Along these lines of thinking,  the COMMUNIST LEFT wants “common sense gun control“.   How about some “common sense voter control“?

The LEFT wants a gun registration law, yet they are not willing to enforce voter registration laws.  States’ voter registrars resisted President Trump’s attempt to quantify voter fraud.  The People’s Republik of Kalifornia is about to open the flood gates to voter fraud with the changes to the “voter motor” law.

“Common sense” apparently only applies to getting rid of the Second Amendment and not how our country is run.

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