Who’s The Smartest Guy In The Room?

Or perhaps the title should have been “Who’s the biggest CRETIN in the room?”

During all the devastation that was happening in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, a panel on a business show was debating what the best money play is to profit from the disaster. This was the day after the hurricane made landfall and the first inkling of the devastation was shown.

The panel was discussing what would make a better investment play, new car sales or large used car dealerships.

Okay, I understand that investing is generally a “someone wins and someone loses” system, but this discussion about how to maximize a return as people are dying, losing their homes, trying to find shelters was a bit too disgusting for me. Three guys sitting around in suits inside of a comfy studio nonchalantly speculating on how best to capitalize on the suffering was abhorrent. Couldn’t they have had a bit of humanity and saved this discussion for a later date?

I believe that these “investors” were mostly trying to prove on national television how smart they were. First to come to the profit party. To me they only proved how worthless they are as human beings.

I remember a similar incident in the 1980s.  A volcano erupted in Columbia and buried tens of thousands of people in mud and ash. “Investors” were speculating on coffee futures because of the devastation.  Nothing like profiting on death and destruction of brown people in South America.

It’s not always about money!

I encourage anyone who is reading my musings to donate to the Red Cross or Samaritan’s Purse or to any other agency of your choosing, to help in the disaster relief.  Whatever amount you can, no matter how small or large.

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