Progressives, Smash Your Cellphones!

Okay, show of hands. Raise them if you believe that all references to a RACIST past should be erased from this country’s collective memory. Progressives, let me see those hands raised high!

If you are holding your hand up, use your other hand, pull out your cellphone, and smash it into the ground. This will show that you don’t want anything to do with such a symbol of a RACIST past.

Why is a cellphone a symbol of racism, you might be asking?  Let me explain.

A key component in the cellphone is the TRANSISTOR. It is what makes modern electronics possible.  Who invented the transistor? William Shockley.

William who?

Dr. William Shockley was an MIT PhD who headed up the research group at Bell Labs and his team invented the TRANSISTOR. Shockley was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work. The good doctor founded his own company Shockley Semiconductors in Palo Alto, CA and he later became a professor at Stanford University. During the 1950s and 1960s he aggressively commercialized the semiconductor business which in turn created the billionaire’s center known as SILICON VALLEY.

How is your cellphone a symbol of racism?

Later in life Dr. Shockley believed that his greatest contribution to the world was NOT the TRANSISTOR, but his work on EUGENICS.

Quoting Dr. Shockley,

My research leads me inescapably to the opinion that the major cause of the American Negro’s intellectual and social deficits is hereditary and racially genetic in origin and, thus, not remediable to a major degree by practical improvements in the environment.

Shockley advocated that anyone with an IQ of less than 100 should be STERILIZED to prevent their genes from swimming in the future gene pool.

Nice guy.  This checkered past of electronics is something those of us from the old school engineering world knew about.  I suspect the younger folks may not have been exposed to this dirty little secret.

So Progresissies, step up and smash those cellphones and get rid of that reminder of overt RACISM!

You’re willing to smash stuff other people paid for but you’re NOT going to smash your own toys?

I didn’t think you would… #I’M A PUSSY

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