I’m a cold heartless bastard

I keep hearing from the loony left that deporting anyone who has been adjudicated as not having the right to remain in this country is un-American.  Additionally they keep whining that we cannot separate parents (served deportation orders by a court according to LAW) from their children.  Okay once more, back the F’ing truck up.

Here are the choices for the illegal immigrants if they don’t want to be deported:

  1. Don’t make the trek
  2. Don’t cross the border illegally
  3. Don’t lie about asylum
  4. Show up for your court hearing and present your asylum case
  5. Show up after your first missed court date notification
  6. Show up after your second missed court date notification

Do citizens get this many choices before facing a penalty?  Regarding separation from children:

If you’re a citizen who has children and commit a crime, are convicted, and are incarcerated, you are separated from your children.  When you go to serve your time, you can have your kids stay with relatives or friends  If you don’t have anyone to turn to, the kids go into the foster care system.

There isn’t a stay out of jail clause just because you have kids.

If you are deported and you have kids, you can take your kids with you.  You are not forced to leave your kids.  If your kids are legal, they can stay with legal relatives.  If you don’t have anyone to turn to and you decide to abandon them, the kids go into the foster care system. No difference from a citizen.

Those on the loony left are demanding a “brown skin color don’t get deported” clause if you have kids.

PARENTS have a responsibility of making choices for their children.  They can make good choices as well as bad ones.  The PARENTS bear complete responsibility for their BAD CHOICES.  I guess I’m just a cold heartless bastard, but a person found guilty should be treated no less leniently just because you are here illegally, whether or not you have children, and independent of your skin skin color.

Dream Team?

This came to me in a nightmare the other night.

Kamala Harris and Eric Holder 2020.

This revelation came to me after seeing the interview with Moochelle Obama where when asked about the “You’re a racist” controversy between Harris and Biden, Mooch could have easily said, “I know Joe is not a racist“, of Baracks’s BFF. Instead she smirked and said something to the effect of, “This isn’t my first rodeo, so no comment“. Now there’s an implied, “I want the racist mantle to hang over Joe“. To me it indicates that the king-maker Obama power couple do not want to endorse old Joe.  I bet that Mooch is hedging her bets for a 2024 run for the White House.

Back to the ticket. Harris/Holder. The whacky liberal Dream Team!

Komrade Harris has already shown that she’s a stooge for the socialista movement. She endorses the Greenie New Deal, giving money to people based on skin color, open borders, medicare for all, getting rid of private medical insurance, free college, taxpayers paying off student loans, and free healthcare to anyone who breaks the law sneaking into our country. Of course just like all good socialistas, she wants to trample the Second Amendment. Notably, our good komrade has said she believes that President Trump should be impeached and that she would prosecute him if she should win the presidency.

And she would probably get the king-maker Obama’s endorsement. Barack famously said of Komrade Harris, “She also happens to be, by far, the best looking attorney general in the country. It’s true! C’mon,

Eric Holder as veep. He’s a perfect choice. Holder has the bona fides.  He along with Komrade Harris believe we need more handouts to people based on skin color. He famously said, “In things racial we have always been and I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards”. He was the first attorney general in history to be held in CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS, for refusing to hand over documents to HIS DOJ’s secret “Fast and Furious” operation that ended up getting a US Border Patrol agent killed and which supplied weapons to Mexican Cartels. But of course that wasn’t a scandal, just ask the king-maker.  Holder has also stated that the Mueller report has evidence that President Trump should be impeached.  The Peoples’ Republik of Kaliformia is paying Holder for services to oppose all thing Trump.

Holder would also likely get the king-maker Obama’s endorsement as he had described himself as, “Obama’s Wingman“. Never heard sad old Zori Joe Biden called, Barack’s wingman.

There you go, Harris/Holder, H2-2020. They won’t need a platform to campaign on. They’ll just scream Trump is a racist and he needs to be impeached.  Their campaign chant will be, “LOCK HIM UP!“.

The Dream Team

Some People Can’t Learn From The Past

Komrade Harris, senator from Kalifornia and 2020 presidential hopeful, announced that when she becomes ruler, er, president, that she will give away $100 Billion of your tax dollars to black folk. She says that this will go to down payments and closing costs of blacks who cannot save money to buy a house.  As the money is only for down payments she will be incentivising lenders to issue ONE TRILLION DOLLAR$ of junk loans.  This is all part of her platform to rectify “racial inequality” and to assuage the guilt of “America’s original sin, slavery“.

Once again, back the F’ing truck up a few short years. You only need to back up ONE DECADE in history.

We tried this once before by blindly issuing subprime loans (mortgages to people who would not be able to repay the loan) which caused the collapse of the banking industry. And who instigated the subprime debacle? President Obama. His administration famously stated that they forced lenders into giving loans at TWICE the previous rate to unqualified MINORITY (i.e. black) borrowers. Most of these folks ended up defaulting on their loans. The other consequence of unchecked lending was that housing prices sky rocketed because banks were “giving away” mortgages.

Komrade Harris wants to repeat the debacle of the President Obama playbook. Her plan is to once again give away over ONE TRILLION DOLLAR$ of subprime loans.

Once again we’ll see a bubble in real estate prices as people jump into the housing market using loans that they’ll never be able to pay back. Once again we’ll see a collapse of the financial industry and real estate values when all those loans go into defaultOnce again the American tax payer will be left holding the empty bag.

Sheesh, I guess ONE DECADE is ancient history, buried in the dust of antiquity.