My Rant on Executive Orders

Isn’t it interesting that a Democrat president incarcerated my grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, along with 120,000 others, with Executive Order 9066?  It took a Republican president to apologize 45 years later.

Isn’t it interesting that President Obama signed Executive Order 13603 that has a provision for forced uncompensated labor (essentially slavery) in “times of national defense”?  Back in the days of Lincoln, who was a Republican, we had a little skirmish called the Civil War over slavery.  Isn’t it ironic that the first “African-American” president wrote the order?

With EO9066 Citizens of the United States had their Constitutional rights rescinded based solely on their race.  

The big idea?  When someone says “I have rights”, that’s true only as long as the sovereign allows him to have rights.

The Executive Order by the President of the United States should be eliminated or otherwise severely limited in its application.

Blog? Everyone has a blog. Why this one?

A friend suggested that I put some of my email commentary into a blog.  This will be just some ramblings on random topics.

I’ll be writing about my views on economics, business, politics, design, technology, making, or anything else that catches my fancy.  You should be able to view just the topics that interest you by clicking on “categories”.

Hopefully dear reader, you find it entertaining, informative, educational, or perhaps thought provoking.  If none of the above, hey, no one is forcing you to read my drivel!

Some of what I’ll be writing about will not be politically correct.  The PC movement has gone too far.  If you’re a delicate snowflake, again you don’t need to read my drivel.

All opinions are mine. YMMV. Professional driver on closed course.  I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on TV.



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