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Felony Charges A’comin?

I’ll make another prediction.

Almost half of voters in the US voted for President Trump to have a second term. Unlike what the doddering old fool Biden said, it was not a clear mandate for him. There has been talk that President Trump may try for a second term in 2024. He may have the momentum if the Biden administration screws things up, which is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Here’s my prediction.

The Dims led by the likes of Schiff and Nadler of the House Judiciary will forward referrals of felonious conduct of now CITIZEN Trump to the DOJ for crimes committed as President. If Biden appoints an attorney general with hatred of President Trump such as Xavier Becerra, the Kalifornia AG or former AG Eric Holder, the DOJ will enthusiastically pursue indicting and prosecuting President Trump.
The Dims only need to get one felony conviction against President Trump and he will never be able to run for President again. There doesn’t even need to be jail time, just a conviction.

They will wait for one to two years before pursuing the cases. That way if they can get a conviction in year three of the doddering fools run, President Trump will not have enough time to appeal any ruling thus preventing him from running for his second term, even if he does eventually get the conviction overturned.

If they cannot get a conviction, they will still use the indictment much like the impeachment, to dirty him up and solidify the minds of the half of America that didn’t vote for President Trump that “Orange-man” is still bad.

Anyone want to bet against me that Schiff and Nadler are chomping at the bit to start this?

Part of the plan for permanent control of our lives.

Who’s Celebrating?

Groups of Biden supporters have been in the streets celebrating that “the media” declared him as the president elect. Never mind the fact that the electoral college needs to vote and congress needs to ratify the decision.

But who else is celebrating?

I suspect three world leaders are breathing a sigh of relief if not jumping up and down on their chesterfields.

Iran is our first big winner. The Dims have stated they will re-enter the JCPOA otherwise known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. This will most likely remove the sanctions put in place by President Trump and give them a clear path to a nuclear weapon to use against Israel.  Another outcome of the new policies is that the current Middle East peace agreements will fall apart after Biden sides with Iran which is the common enemy of the other Arab states.

Russia is our second big winner. Past history showed that the Biden-Obama team was soft on the Russians. President Obama drew the line in the sand in Syria and when Russian backed Assad crossed it, he just drew another line and eventually gave up drawing lines in the sand. This gave control of Syria which is a major oil port to Russia.  Russia also annexed parts of Ukraine, with no retaliation by the Obama-Biden administration to allow Crimea to “nationalize” the gas industry. The Russians will be overjoyed that Biden intends to kill off our natural gas production which allows him exclusive sourcing of natural gas to Europe through the Angela Merkel funded Nord pipeline. This partnership between the Germans and the Russians is the reason that President Trump removed OUR TROOPS from Germany. He told the Germans, “we will not pay for your protection from the Russians while you are in a partnership with them”.  Of course the Dims were furious with this move and will most likely resume, business as usual.

China ia our third big winner. The Dims have stated that they will end, in their words, the “needless trade wars with China”. Up until a few weeks ago, it sounded like just a stupid talking point. Now that we see the corrupt connection between the Biden family and China we can understand why our country is destined to go back to the soft stance with China. President Xi is breathing easier now that he knows that his regime will no longer have to pay the billions of dollars in tariffs to OUR COUNTRY.  And remember it was during the Obama-Biden administration that we allowed China to build missile bases and military installations in INTERNATIONAL WATERS of the South China Seas. These bases are strategically located to control all shipping and trade from Asia and Southeast Asia.

All hail 46.

Tax Transparency

Joe Biden claims he has never taken “one penny” from a foreign entity. What if we take his word for this?

Looking at his “released” tax returns we see these interesting numbers.

In 2016, the last full year Crazy Uncle Joe was vice president, he filed jointly with his wife and they had a combined GROSS income of $395,456.00. The vice president’s salary is $235,100.00. That means his wife and their other income sources (rentals, interest, etc.) was $160,356.00 which is possible.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

In 2017, when Crazy Uncle Joe was unemployed for 11 months, he and his wife had a GROSS income of $9,578,639.00 !!!

I’d say the “Big Guy” did pretty well for not having a job.

Oddly, $9,490,857.00 comes from a MYSTERIOUS CORPORATION named CelticCapri Corp. He has another $557,882.00 from a second MYSTERIOUS CORPORATION named Giacoppa Corp. That’s $10,048,739.00 folks.  Heck of a revenue stream.

The Bidens’ distribute most of the payout of the CORPORATIONS as profit because it’s taxed at a LOWER RATE than the CORPORATE RATE. “The Big Guy” is somewhat right when he says “corporations don’t pay their fair share“. He doesn’t. Also these pass through corporations DON’T PAY Social Security Taxes or Medicare Taxes,  again shorting the government.  Good work “Big Guy” not paying your fair share.


I described the corporations as MYSTERIOUS because the dollars generated by Crazy Uncle Joe’s CORPORATIONS are essentially UNTRACEABLE. Joe claims the money came from his speaking engagements. Why do you need TWO CORPORATIONS to get paid for making speeches?  Anyone could have purchased $1000.00 tickets to a speech.  Did the organizers or Uncle Joe ask the purchasers if they have ties to a foreign government?  Hmm, do you think any of his speeches were paid for by money from the COMMUNIST CHINESE, UKRANIANS, RUSSIANS, or ANY OF HUNTER BIDEN’S BUSINESSES?

10 held by H for the big guy?