Anti-Asian Hate Crimes, Whose Fault?

The K-Pop boy band, BTS, from South Korea, closed out Yellow Skinned Peoples Month at the White House to speak out on Anti-Asian Hate Crimes. Old Fool Biden, tweeted out today June 4, 2022, “It was great to meet with you this week at the White House, The rise in anti-Asian hate crimes requires all of us to stand up, speak out, and give hate no safe harbor. Thanks for all you’re doing. It matters.

On May 20, 2021 Old Fool Biden signed the Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Bill to much applause. When the bill was passed and signed I told people this is a complete waste of time and money as almost no one will be convicted under this law. The dumbest senator in US history, Krazy Mazie Hirono who coauthored the bill, blathered about some bullshit idea that Asian Hate Crimes were increasing because President Trump kept calling out China as the origin of the COVID (China) virus. “White supremacists have been emboldened by President Trump calling out China“, the idiots in Congress screamed. Veep Kammy The Mattress, said she has the “lived” experience of Anti-Asian hate. As I said at the time, almost no one will be convicted under this law.

Why did I say this?

The vast majority of “Hate crimes against Asians” are committed by blacks. It has been this way for decades. This is nothing new. Anyone can look up the statistics on the FBI crime website and “amazingly” discover that over 85% of crimes against Asians are committed by the brothers. This is not a white supremacist issue. This is a Black on Yellow problem. NO PROSECUTOR wants to pin a Hate Crime on a Black. It goes against the narrative that only Whites commit Hate Crimes.  The only politician who has correctly called out the problem is Lt. Governor of Virginia Winsome Sears.

This worthless law came about when a white kid with a sex addiction problem shot FOUR Asian women at a massage parlor on March 16, 2021. They were calling him a white supremacist who hunted down Asians. Turns out he also shot a Hispanic male and a White male as well. Kind of indiscriminate for a white supremacist. When he was arrested the kid said he DID NOT shoot the massage parlor workers because they were Asian, but because they were tempting him due to his sex addiction problem. Conveniently ignoring the facts of the case, these killings spurred the dumbest senator to write the bill and amazingly it was signed into law in less than TWO MONTHS! And who says government works slowly?

Now that over a year has passed, what are the results of this law? In New York City there were 233 reported hate crimes against Asians in three quarters of 2021 (not even a full year). Of those 91 were arrested. Of those 41 were prosecuted as Hate Crimes. Of those 7 were convicted as Anti-Asian Hate Crimes. 3% of reported Anti-Asian Hate Crimes resulted in convictions. Very successful wouldn’t you say? Validates my position that almost no one would be convicted under this law.

Maybe Krazy Mazie and Auntie Maxine can tell the BROTHERS to stop beating up on the SLANTS. Who knows, that might do more good.

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