“My Plan To Fix Inflation Is To…. Do Nothing”

Old Fool Biden (OFB) penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal describing his THREE point approach to fixing the inflation problem for the country. He then sent all of his top officials to the media to tout the wonderful plan.

Here are the THREE points of the PLAN (or as Veep Kammy would say, “Ze Plan”)

1. Respect the Federal Reserve Bank. OFB said that he will not criticize the actions of the Fed, “unlike my predecessor”, the Bad Orange Man. The Fed is an independent organization of which he has no control other than to critique their actions. Bottom line OFB is saying, DO NOTHING.

2. Wait for Congress to pass his Build Back Better plan to give away more money in the form of Clean Energy Tax Credits, have Medicare negotiate lower drug prices, and spend more on a myriad of other programs. All of this takes an act of Congress. Bottom line is OFB will DO NOTHING.

3. Raise taxes on corporations and high income earners. OFB says raising taxes on corporations and high income earners will reduce the deficit which will lower inflation. Raising corporate taxes will serve to make our nation LESS COMPETITIVE in the global economy and disincentive investment in the US. In any case, changing the tax laws requires Congress to act. Bottom line is OFB will DO NOTHING.

What a wonderful plan. Three “actions” that requires the administration to DO NOTHING and these will magically fix the inflation problem. DO NOTHING and it will all get better is what the Old Fool running our country is telling you.

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