Another Thing I Don’t Understand

After the RIOTS in the summer of 2020, a movement began to “Defund the police“. Stupid mayors and governors, most of whom are Dimbulbcrats, capitulated to the demands of the mobs and cut funding for their police forces. The result was an INCREASE in violent crimes. Murders, rapes, and robberies jumped by double and triple digit percentages in these utopian cities run by Dimbulbcrat MORONS.

Now the Dims are starting to realize that HIGHER CRIME RATES is not a winning platform to run on. What is their solution? Blame the defunding of the police and resulting increases in crime on REPUBLICANS. Nice pivot.

The argument is that REPUBLICAN senators would not pass the original, MULTI-TRILLION dollar, pork filled bill which was called an INFRASTRUCTURE BILL. There was some vague wording in the bill about money allocated to law enforcement for things such as bodycams. As the bill had no possibility of passing as it had almost nothing to do with infrastructure the Dims are using this failure to say the Republicans defunded the police. This is of course absolutely ludicrous. The whacky presidential press secretary, Jen “Ginger” Psaki said this was the case when asked about the “defund the police” movement.  She said, “[Republicans]… stood in the way of crucial funding needed to prevent the laying off of police officers as crimes increase. That’s a simple statement of fact.

Let’s for arguments sake assume “Ginger” is correct and that Republicans hate the police and don’t want to give them money. Riddle me this, WHY is it that when LOCAL Dimbulbcrat politicians cut funding for their police it becomes the responsibility of the FEDERAL government to give money to cities and states when the LOCAL Dims want to put funding back for the police?  Why don’t they just restore the budgets that they cut (the money was already allocated)? Why should TAXPAYERS in cities and states who DIDN’T DEFUND THEIR POLICE pay for the stupid decisions of mayors in OTHER STATES?

The policy seems to be, “If YOU do something stupid in YOUR city, people in OTHER cities and states need to PAY for YOUR stupidity.”

Democracy in action.

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