Does It Last?

A new BAN on plastic materials has been mandated by the Canadian government.

This is a picture of the oldest known papyri. It is made from pressed papyrus reeds which grow naturally in Egypt. It is the earliest form of PAPER. This fragment is OVER 4500 YEARS OLD! I’d say that it is in remarkable condition and the writing is clearly legible.

What does this have to do with the Canadian plastic ban?

Canada is banning single use plastic items. The reason is to force people not to use NON or DIFFICULT TO RECYCLE products. I suspect most of this ban is because CHINA doesn’t want Canada’s plastic garbage, especially single use plastic grocery bags. The idea is to force people to use items made from other materials. Many of the replacement items will be made from, wait for it, PAPER.

Paper products are “believed” to be bio-degradable and therefore good for the environment. However as you can see, paper can remain in great condition for thousands of years.

I wonder if the Canadians have figured out what they are going to do with the mountains of paper products for the next FEW THOUSAND YEARS?

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