More True Leadership

I posted earlier on Crazy Uncle Joe’s leadership during the China virus panic.¬† You can read that article HERE.

Here’s more proof of is great leadership skills and how he understands the information that the “scientists” he professes to talk to every day, convey to him.
He’s wearing a 3M N95 mask. We mere mortals have been told that N95 masks are to be used ONLY by front line workers. There must be a carve out in the CDC guidelines for angry old white guys.

Additionally the particular 3M N95 mask that Crazy Uncle Joe is wearing has an EXHAUST VALVE that allows the virus to spread, according to all the scientists, except I suppose the ones that Joe is talking to, every day. Perhaps I missed the exception to this in the CDC guidelines that Crazy Uncle Joe follows, which once again exempts angry old white guys.

C’mon man, this is leadership at its best.

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