A “turncoat” is someone who switches sides or allegiances to the opposition. It is suspected that the origin of the term “turncoat” comes from the English Civil War where soldiers turned their coats inside out to match those of the enemy. Others suspect that it may come from the idea of turning from one’s “coat of arms” pledging allegiance to another. Whatever the origin, it is an apt term to describe Mitt Romney.

Ole Mitt has always had a stick up his butt. He stiffly tried to defeat President Obama in 2012. When you look at the Democrat losers currently running for President today, the comparison holds for Ole Stick Up His Butt (OSUHB) and the 2012 Republican field.¬† President Obama has some of his worst favorability numbers in the 2012 election and he could have been a one term president except that the Republicans could only muster former Massachusetts governor¬† OSUHB to run against him. OSUHB defeated his Republican rivals Ron Paul (anyone remember him?) and other household names such as Fred Karger, Buddy Roemer, John Huntsman, and who can forget Gary “What’s Allepo” Johnson. Sheesh I don’t remember any of OSUBH’s Republican competitors.

OSUHB just like Hillybob believed he was ordained to be the president. In the election Mitt lost the electoral college vote 332 to 206, a resounding loss.

In 2016 OSUHB sought the office of Secretary of State from newly elected President Trump. This was probably his next step to build his bona fides to become the 46th POTUS. President Trump interviewed him but wisely didn’t give hm the job. OSUHB probably felt the job of POTUS going down the drain thanks to President Trump.

OSUBH moved to Utah and in 2018 ran for senator. He asked President Trump to endorse him which the President did. OSUHB won the slot of senator from Utah.

As soon as Mitt was sworn in as a senator he started bad mouthing President Trump. He most likely had an axe to grind against the President since he never became Secretary of State. I suspect OSUHB feels that becoming a “super anti-Trumper” is his key to the next presidency.

This plan by OSUHB would explain why he insisted on witnesses in the impeachment sham even before the trial started. All in an attempt to damage the President who he hates for taking away his ordained place in the White House.

Great judgement by President Trump to have rejected OSUHB for any cabinet position.

I suspect that OSUHB will run for president in 2024.  All Republicans should give Turncoat Mitt the boot if he tries again.

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