The New Progressive Hobo Plan


All of the Dimbulbs are pushing for more railroads across the nation. The loony barmaid AOC wants more railroads. Crazy Uncle Joe Biden, self professed centrist, is also (pun ahead) onboard.   Uncle Joe on his website touts that this will be a major push by his administration when he becomes king, err, president.  Crazy Uncle Joe wants to put more money into the FAILED Kalifornia high-speed rail project to waste BILLION$ of taxpayer money. It should only take a $100 BILLION to finish the train to nowhere. Taxing Bill Gates and Warren Buffet will easily pay for that. Between the two of them they have about $100 BILLION in net worth. Wealth redistribution, baby!

Along with the railroad expansion is a push for high density, low income housing. The People’s Republik of Kalifornia has SB 50 which is attempting to waive zoning laws, allowing wealthy investors to build high density housing near “major transit centers”. A “major transit center” is defined in the bill interestingly as a “rail transit station“. Once again on a national level, Crazy Uncle Joe is onboard with the idea of high density housing near his choo-choo trains.

So what do trains and high density housing near the railroad tracks have to do with a NEW PROGRESSIVE HOBO PLAN?

During the Great Depression of the 1930s there were a large number of working men known as HOBOS.  They traveled by “hopping trains” that is stowing away illegally on a trains in order to travel between cities to find work.  They lived packed in camps known as HOBO JUNGLES near RAIL STOPS.

When the Progressive Commies which includes Crazy Uncle Joe, ruin the economy of the US and we all tail spin into the NEXT GREAT DEPRESSION, we’ll once again have the railroads and the hobo jungle life to look forward to.

I’ll leave you with a tune “Boxcar Willie” as you look forward to the romance of riding the rails.

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