Are There Adults In The Room?

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein committed “suicide” while in prison a few days ago. Conspiracy theories abound as to whether or not it was a suicide or a homicide. I have another question about the situation.

The pedo has been accused of sexually assaulting underage teenage girls, aged 14 to 17 years old, on his private island in the Bahamas and other locations.

Here’s my question. How did teenage girls get on a billionaire’s private jet, fly to the Bahamas, have wild sexual encounters, and no one noticed?

Specifically, why did the girls’ parents give permission to their daughters to get on said private jet and fly to a Caribbean island for several days?

Mom, dad, I’m going to jet off with this old rich guy to his private island in the Caribbean for a few days.

Okay, honey, Have a good time.

Are there no longer parents on this Earth who have common sense?  Did NOT ONE of the PARENTS think that going off to a private island with an unmarried old rich guy might be even slightly a BAD IDEA?  I’m not a parent, but this one seems kind of simple.  The appropriate answer to their 14 year old daughter seems to me should have been,

No.  You can’t go.

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