Dimbulbcrat Debate Predictions

Tomorrow and Friday will be the CLOWN show affectionately called the The First Dimbulbcrat Presidential Primary Debates.

Here are my predictions of what will happen during the Dimbulbcrat Presidential Primary debates.

1. No one will directly attack Old Zori Joe Biden.

The most honest man in America, the head of the DNC, Tommy Perez will secretly issue orders that no one is allowed to directly attack Old Zori Joe Biden.  They will only be allowed to make vague references to his policies and past but that will be the extent of permissible attack.  Every dimbulb candidate will agree to this restriction.

2. The debate moderator will softball questions to Old Zori Joe.

3. Since there will be 10 people on stage, they will not be all given an opportunity to answer the same question.

This is to allow the moderator to control the direction of the debate to give Old Zori Joe an advantage.

4. If any candidate has too much of an attack on Old Zori Joe, the moderator will switch to another question for the next candidate in line to deflect the attack.

5. The DNC has already picked its winner, Old Zori Joe, so he will come out, according to the media as the winner.

Even if Old Zori Joe fumbles badly, which is a very likely outcome, the fake news media will say that “Old Zori Joe held his own against a very competitive field“.

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