I’m Here To Help Joe

Joe Biden has been slipping in the polls recently. Since I’m an Asian guy, I have a way to help Old Joe Biden to pick up support from my people.  He should take on a new nickname culturally relevant to Asians.

I suggest Old Zori Joe.

“Zori” is a Japanese word for a type of sandal. For those of you not familiar with the term “Zori“, here’s a customized picture of my OLD WORN OUT “Zori”, which best represents OLD WORN OUT Zori Joe.

That’s right, you might call them “Flip flops” which is what Old Zori Joe is doing on everything from his lengthy stellar past record that I hear touted by the fake news media.

Anita Hill, The Crime Bill, Hyde Amendment, Hair sniffing, China as a competitor, just to name a few Flip-flops from Old Zori Joe in the past few weeks. At the rate he’s going he’ll have FLIP-FLOPPED on everything in his past, come election day.  Sheesh why doesn’t he just take a stand on what he believes rather than pandering to the whims of every Hollyweird celebrity who whines to him.

Flip-flops are called that because of the sound they make, much like Old Zori Joe.

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