Whose Side Are They On?

Presidential candidate Cory Spartacus Booker has announced that he wants a “national gun” registry and that certain scary looking weapons will need to be forfeited by citizens.  He avoided answering whether or not he would incarcerate CITIZENS who refuse to bend to his will and choose to exercise their SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT to “keep and bear arms“.

Other loonie dimbulbcrats want FELONS to vote while in prison. There is a lot of support for restoring VOTING RIGHTS to FELONS after they have served their time.

Just who are the Dimbulbcrat presidential candidates looking out for?

If you use their LOGIC, shouldn’t you also restore the SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT of a CONVICTED FELON who has SERVED his time? Obviously they have the wherewithal to decide the direction of our country, therefore it seems obvious that we should be able to trust their good judgement in handling firearms responsibly.

If Spartacus and other Dimbulbcrats have their way, LAW ABIDING CITIZENS should have their ability to defend themselves with a firearm LIMITED by government and released CONVICTED FELONS should be able to vote and possess firearms.

Now does anyone besides me think that this may be a recipe for disaster?

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