Signs of Assimilation?

There is a news story that House Representative Ilhan Omar, you know the one who hates Jews, illegally used campaign funds to pay for her divorce lawyer. Omar is an immigrant from Somalia and a declared Muslim.

I’ll confess that I know little of what the Quran/Koran has to say about marriage and divorce, however I was a bit surprised, ignorant racist (even though Muslim isn’t a race) that I am, to hear the the 37 year old was using a divorce attorney to end her marriage.

Once again because I’m a numbers guy I looked up what the divorce rate is within the Muslim community.

For Muslims in the United States, the DIVORCE RATE IS 50%. This is the same as with the general population of the US. The statistic is according the website which is a non-profit that states they provide “guidance to Muslim Western families on daily living“.

Looks like Muslim men and women can’t get along with each other just like the rest of America!

MAGA, baby.

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