Prove You’re “Woke”

Let me state, I despise that term “woke“. It sounds stupid and to me it demonstrates the level of stupidity of the speaker. Today, politicians, commentators, and journalists desire to speak the language of the gutter to prove their cultural awareness hence the popularity of the term. Enough of that.

What I’m watching with amusement is how the Dumbocrat presidential hopefuls are attempting to out crazy train each other on how “woke” they are and how “progressive” each one is. Almost all of them are embracing the ramblings of a 20 something lunatic former barmaid as the ground truth for change to America. They all enthusiastically endorse the “Green New Deal” of socialism.

I have a couple of suggestions for the Dumbocrat loons to bolster their “progressive” bona fides.

All the candidates who identify as male should chop off their wieners in order to denounce their toxic masculinity. This act of self-bobbitting will show their sensitivity to gender disparity in our country.  Damn “woke” if you were to ask me.

All the candidates who identify as female should have late term abortions, preferably after the birth of the un-human. This act will demonstrate their commitment to the new standard of choice in our country. Personally I think that all Dumbocrats should have the ability to abort their un-human things up to the age of 26, which is the age that Obamacare mandates for “children” to stay on their parent’s healthcare plans.  Once again, pretty damn “woke“.

For all other candidates that self identify as one of the 67 non-binary genders they can do a Michael Jackson Pepsi act and self-immolate in order to show their commitment to the “cause”.

I bet Michael “woke” up when he was on fire.


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