Are we clear?

Today, FBI Director Christopher Wray stated that the agency is rewriting their policies on political bias and the leaking of information to the press. He said that this was to make the rules and procedures CLEAR to FBI employees.  In fact Director Wray’s exact words today were, “We’re going to make PAINFULLY CLEAR to everybody that we won’t tolerate noncompliance“.

I have a  stupid question.

Are the EXISTING rules and procedures so POORLY WRITTEN that even the former Director of the FBI, James Comey, highest law enforcement officer in the Nation, could NOT CLEARLY interpret them correctly?

He did after all  become the head leaker to the press and came up with the flawed exoneration excuse protecting Hillybob from prosecution.

I can only conclude that  the EXISTING rules and procedures are not PAINFULLY CRYSTAL CLEAR.

The alternative answer would be that Mr. Comey is a complete DOLT.

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