Mad Cow Comes To The Wrong Conclusion

Last night, after the US Senate passed the tax reform bill, Rachel “Mad Cow” Maddow, gave her, oh so enlightened analysis of why this bill only makes the rich, richer and sticks it to the middle class. Her piece is titled, “GOP tax bill set to make rich richer at everyone else’s expense”.

As described on the MSNBC website, “Rachel Maddow reports on the extent of income inequality in the U.S. as the largess of the American economy has not trickled down, and shows how the Republican tax bill further enriches the already wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

Mad Cow displayed a graph which she goes on to explain, shows the “correlation” between growing “income inequality” and economic disaster. Here’s a screen capture of the graph.

This is the graph taken from the original document.  Click on the chart to read the details.

Mad Cow explains that the data in the graphs shows “Worrying and specific” doom. She points out that “First big peak in income inequality, is right before the crash of 1929, that led to the great depression“. She goes on to espouse that “The next big peak on the graph is right before the crash that took the economy down again in 2008 and 2009“.

Okay let’s run with this chart for a bit.

The big events that Mad Cow MISSES in this graph and FAILS to point out, are at the beginning and the middle of the years, which I’ve highlighted in yellow. From the start of time shown until about 1918-1919 there is a HUGE reduction in income inequality. The LARGEST reduction in income inequality is between 1938 and 1945.

What happened at these two times in history? How about World War I and World War II.

Mad Cow and her ilk, The Bernie-ites, Pocohontites, Hillybobites, and the rest of the progre-sissies scream about income inequality and how they want wealth redistribution.

Looking at the historical data which Mad Cow presented (described by her as part of a bi-partisan study), the obvious solution to income inequality is to have ANOTHER WORLD WAR! All the Wacky LEFT should be encouraging war with the fat little despot, or with some ayatollah, or with the Kremlin. Heck, they’ve been screaming that Russian interference in preventing Hillybob from taking her throne was an ACT of WAR.   I think they need to stop flapping their gums, pick up a weapon, and end income inequality, IF that is what they want.  Tax the hell out of everyone and fuel the war machine, to create wealth redistribution.  The bigger the war the less income inequality.

A simple time PROVEN solution.

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