Waste And Abuse?

I watched the coverage of former FBI Director James Comey after he was fired by President Trump. He was in Los Angeles, scheduled to give a speech that evening. He cancelled the event and flew back to DC.

Director Comey has a federal salary of $172,100 according to a report by CNN. That’s a pretty good wage but to me it seems low for the guy who the top dog in law enforcement. ┬áBut wait, there are some good fringe benefits with the job.

Here’s where the Waste and Abuse comes about. As I watched his departure from LAX he was boarding a private jet. I looked up the tail numbers of the plane and the FAA lists the plane as a Gulfstream G550.

Back the truck up! A G550 is a $61,500,000.00 ride. That’s a lot of bling to bebop around the country in. A G550 can fly 6,750 nautical miles at almost 90% of the speed of sound! Make that bebopping around the world in.

I guess I’d be pissed off if I lost that bennie from my job!

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