Terrorism. It’s About Solar Panels!

Regarding solar panels and renewable energy, “This is critical for dealing with the crisis of terrorism.“, said Secretary of State John Kerry after committing the US to the Paris Climate Agreement.

I didn’t realize that if we give some solar panels to ISIS that the problem of terrorism goes away.  And according to Secretary Kerry, this is SCIENCE, not some fringe Trumpian fantasy.

Sheesh and all this time I thought it was a jihad or ideological battle of the Radical Islamists against their enemy the infidels.

I wonder if the San Bernardino shooters were given bigger Federal and California state rebates on some solar panels, if 14 people would be alive today?

If only the terrorists who flew the planes into the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and Flight 93 which was thwarted by the brave passengers, only had the educational opportunities afforded by solar panels.  Never mind the fact that some were Saudis and had free education through college and that Mohamed Atta, the ring-leader, attended THREE UNIVERSITIES.  A few more solar panels could have prevented this growing global crisis.  You know, I don’t recall  seeing solar panels on Osama Bin Laden’s compound when he was taken out by SEAL Team 6.

I think Secretary Kerry finally revealed President Obama’s strategy on fighting terrorism.

You can watch the interview with Secretary Kerry below.

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