Do Numbers Have Any Meaning?

Lots of people are laughing at Mr. Trump’s leaked tax return that shows he accumulated over SEVERAL YEARS about $900 million in losses. Hillybob is also one cackling about what a POOR businessman Donald Trump was and is.

Let’s look at another number. Under the wonderful economic plan set into motion by President Obama, in 2016 ALONE, just ONE YEAR, the national debt will INCREASE about $502,000,000,000. Over half a TRILLION dollar loss! I guess he’s quite the AMAZING businessman because he’s calling that loss an economic SUCCESS!

Hillybob wants to continue this most excellent economic plan and in fact expand it.

I’m not the smartest guy in the room (unlike POTUS or Hillybob), but if I lost HALF A TRILLION DOLLAR$ in just one year, I’d be ashamed and embarrassed NOT touting how successful I was.

According to the latest poll, it appears that ‘WE THE SUBJECTS‘ want MORE of this kind of great business acumen.

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